Barn Owl

Using the greys, browns and whites of this lovely owl, the Barn Owl luxury tent is upholstered in tribal patterns and uses natural wood handmade furnishings
to create a feeling of tranquility. Barn owls are nocturnal creatures, hunting their prey on silent wings, but if you listen carefully, you will hear their raspy calls, quite unlike the hoots of other owls.

The camp is home to a family of rescue barn owls so you will undoubtedly hear them during your stay.

Jameson’s Firefinch

The Jameson’s Firefinch luxury tent uses the bright reds, dusky pinks of these feisty little birds. Colourful fabrics set off the handmade furnishings and lend a festive air to this tent.

Jameson’s Firefinches are found in our camp in pairs or small groups along the forest edge and in thick woodland and scrub and their short trilling call is a
common sound around the camp.

Lilac-Breasted Roller

The Lilac Breasted Roller luxury tent reflects the colours of one of Africa’s most stunning birds. Using the bright lilac that gives the bird its name, deep purples and stunning indigo fabrics create a rich environment, making guests feel like royalty as they retreat into this colourful space. 

The Lilac Breasted Roller is found in camp in singles or pairs, sitting on prominent perches in open areas. It has an amazing flight display, with side-to-side rolling which gives this much-loved bird its name.

Purple-Crested Turaco

The colour scheme of the Purple Crested Turaco luxury tent is rich olive greens, deep blues and whites with tribal patterns and designs which complement handmade local furnishings. A tranquil oasis awaits you as you retire each evening after a day of adventure.  

The Purple Crested Turaco clambers acrobatically through the camp, and in flight it explodes from the canopy with distinctive deep red panels on its wings. It calls with a croaking “khoh-khoh-khoh”, which gets louder and louder, stopping abruptly.

Tropical Boubou

The Tropical Boubou luxury tent is a study in African safari colours. Deep brown, desert khaki and pristine whites make this suite a perfect reflection of your wildlife adventure. Our local handmade furniture completes the decor with sustainably sourced hardwood pieces.

The Tropical Boubou is found in dense cover in camp, usually in pairs. It is a highly vocal bird with a variety of calls, often a synchronized duet of hollow hoots from the male and ratcheting response calls from the female.

White-Fronted Bee-Eater

The White-Fronted Bee-Eater luxury tent mirrors the bright and colourful bird which is found throughout the camp. Mustard yellow, bright red, blue and green
fabrics highlight the furnishings in this cheerful and lively space, making it a feast for the senses and a comfortable home base.

The White-Fronted Bee-Eater has one of the most complex avian societies, with family units, clans, and even pirates! They nest in the riverbanks in colonies of up to 450 birds, burrowing in the dirt to lay their eggs.

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